Getting a NIF Number in Portugal

Basics to Be Aware

Did you move to Portugal not far ago or only have a plan to move here?

In this case, you probably experience some issues with trying to figure out the key info linked to some bureaucracy. Well, we are striving to help you then! Follow the article given here and you will learn all the essential info about NIF and how to receive it without any hardships.

What is a Portugal NIF Number?

The word NIF is an abbreviation for “Número de Identificación Fiscal ”, also translated as Taxpayer Identification Number. It is a sequential number intended exclusively for the treatment of tax and customs information.

NIF is a tax identification number in Portugal and it is really important to receive it in case you intend to reside in this country and perform some legal activities. NIF is made up of nine digits.

When Are You Going to Need NIF?

Now you know the answer to the “What is a NIF” question. However, what are the situations where you are obliged to present it? Let’s list them:
Open a bank account, get a mortgage or a loan.
Making a doctor’s appointment.
Starting your own business in Portugal.
Purchasing or renting a property.
Public services
Interacting with the authorities and public services.
Signing an Internet or mobile contract.

We bet that you are able to realize the importance of NIF once you have looked through the enumeration that was suggested above. That is why it will be wise to receive it as soon as possible!

There are some more significant aspects you need to know about. NIF can turn out to be necessary even when you visit a supermarket nearby or have a haircut. It will be printed on the check and the price of the transaction will be sent to the government tax office.

What is more, your NIF can become a nice way to test your luck. The matter is that when it is printed on the check, you will get the lottery coupons with it. The prize draws are held each week, so you have decent chances!

Application process for your Portugal NIF

Pay process fee

Pay €80 processing fee and submit the application form in 2 minutes

Fill application form

Prepare your documents:

  • Scan of international passport or EU national Id card
  • Proof of address
Pass biometrical verification

Complete identity verification in 2 minutes

Receive your NIF

Receive your NIF (Portuguese Tax ID) in PDF via email within 5 business days