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What Else Do You Have to Know about NIF?

It’s really hard to underestimate the importance of NIF. It is widely applied in plenty of stuff and it will be extremely significant to have it if you plan to connect your life with Portugal. Let’s see what we mean.
Each type of visual aid has pros and cons that must be evaluated to ensure it will be beneficial to the overall presentation. Before incorporating visual aids into speeches, the speaker should understand that if used incorrectly, the visual will not be an aid, but a distraction.

When Will NIF Be Especially Necessary?

Below, we have tried to make a list of the most relevant situations that will require to have NIF:
  • Signing a mobile or Internet contract;
  • Establishing a bank account (regardless of the bank you plan to deal with);
  • Communicating with the authorities;
  • Paying for the stuff when you make a decision to buy it online (furthermore, it may turn out to be necessary even if you visit a supermarket not far from the place you live);
  • Buying or renting all kinds of property;
  • Visiting a doctor in order to solve the issues with your health.
As you see, there are quite a few cases where it will just be very problematic not to have NIF. Besides, there is a bonus for those who have it too. Well, when you receive a check worth 10 euros, you can expect to take part in a special lottery and earn a nice prize. Such an event takes place each week.
What if you decide to postpone issuing NIF? Well, no one can force you to do this as soon as possible. However, you are likely to face potential problems if you do not do this and make an attempt to proceed with all of the activities we have given in the list above. Apart from what we have enumerated, you won’t be able to inherit Portuguese assets according to the last will and get a loan. And we bet that these aspects are rather crucial to take into consideration. Besides, there are some other daily situations that may require NIF too.

When Will NIF Be Especially Necessary? Why Is It a Great Idea to Request for Receiving NIF Online?

Let’s take a look at the basic advantages you need to keep in mind:
  • This is going to be really quick. In other words, you will save a great deal of your time and this is very cool. You can devote it to other, more important stuff while the experts are working on your request;
  • It is not that expensive. If we analyze how much effort you will have to make if you decide to do everything on your own, you will realize that paying a certain fee is not that much (especially in case your value convenience and qualitative services);
  • You do not have to provide too many documents or go anywhere;
As you see, there are quite a few cases where it will just be very problematic not to have NIF. Besides, there is a bonus for those who have it too. Well, when you receive a check worth 10 euros, you can expect to take part in a special lottery and earn a nice prize. Such an event takes place each week.
So, when you delegate applying for NIF to the experts, you get the chance to relax and not worry about the peculiarities of the process. Accordingly, things are about to get far easier for you, and you will obtain NIF without any major obstacles! Hope you will make the right decision and will receive your NIF easily and painlessly by using our professional assistance! We will be glad to consult you!

How Hard Is It to Receive NIF When You Do Everything on Your Own?

Well, things might not be that different if you have clear instructions to follow. However, you still have to spend your time completing the basic steps before you receive your NIF. And, it might be a bit hard if you do not know Portuguese (not all of the government representatives are able to speak fluent English and this is rather challenging).

So, if you make a decision to request to apply for NIF yourself, this is what you will have to go through:
  • Visiting the local office with all the documents that turn out to be necessary
  • Interacting with the representatives and answering their question
  • Paying a fee


Obtaining the NIF from Finance is free. provides you a local tax representation for €80 to those interested in obtaining the taxpayer and do not know anyone who can help them.
The cost to request your NIF includes one year (12 months) of fiscal representation. At the end of that year, your fiscal representation will automatically be renewed and you`ll be charged at a rate of €99/year. You may cancel this service after you become a Portugal tax resident and update your address with the tax office, or find another representative.


From the moment you upload all scans of your documents, it takes up to 5 working days.

What documents are required to obtain NIF online?

You can apply with only two documents - International passport or National ID card for EU citizens and a proof of address outside Portugal (usually it can be a bank statement or utility bill). As soon as we get the required documents, a local lawyer becomes your fiscal representative and starts a process on your behalf. You get not only registration of taxpayer number, but also a representation during 1 year with possible extension.

WHAT IS NIFPORTUGAL.PT? is a company that developed a 100% online service to assist nationals and foreigners obtain NIF (Número de Identificación Fiscal) in Portugal online by presenting you a local fiscal representative.


Yes, it's possible, you just have to additionally attach both parent's passport and birth certificate with an apostille translation (only if it is not provided in English/Portuguese).


Yes, it's possible. After we receive your NIF, we check your application form, if you choose that you need a password, we request your password from the Portuguese tax office in the next 24 hours.
The Portuguese tax office will send by regular mail and typically takes about 3-4 weeks* (to reach your tax representative).
The password that the tax office sends us a physical copy of your password for your Portal das Finanças access is simply a temporary password.
Once we receive your password, we will send it to you via email.

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