Getting a NIF Number in Portugal: the Basics to Be Aware of

Did you move to Portugal not long ago? In this case, you probably experience some issues with trying to figure out the key info linked to some bureaucracy. Well, we are striving to help you then! Follow the article given here and you will learn all the essential info about NIF and how to receive it without any hardships.

Explaining What a NIF Number Is

NIF is a tax identification number in Portugal and it is really important to receive it in case you intend to reside in this country and perform some legal activities. NIF is made up of nine digits.
You are not obliged to pay for obtaining NIF but if you want to have a card of the taxpayer you will be charged for this.

When Are You Going to Need NIF?

Now you know the answer to the “What is a NIF” question. However, what are the situations where you are obliged to present it? Let’s list them:
  • Creating a bank account no matter what financial institution in Portugal you pick;
  • Making a doctor’s appointment;
  • Starting your business;
  • Purchasing or renting a property;
  • Interacting with the authorities;
  • Paying for goods while buying stuff online;
  • Signing an Internet or mobile contract.
We bet that you are able to realize the importance of NIF once you have looked through the enumeration that was suggested above. That is why it will be wise to receive it as soon as possible!
There are some more significant aspects you need to know about. NIF can turn out to be necessary even when you visit a supermarket nearby or have a haircut. It will be printed on the check and the price of the transaction will be sent to the government tax office.
What is more, your NIF can become a nice way to test your luck. The matter is that when it is printed on the check, you will get the lottery coupons with it. The prize draws are held each week, so you have decent chances! By the way, you will obtain one coupon for every purchase with a check of 10 euros.

Tax Payments Linked to the NIF Number

Apart from the significant life situations where you need to provide your NIF, it is going to be necessary in order to declare the annual income taxes and deduct some sums.
One of the most important taxes to be aware of is the IRS. If we speak shorter, it is an income tax for the individuals. It is a variable figure that depends on how much you earn and it is estimated according with tiers. It is your duty to declare the IRS each year and this should be done by following the deadlines that are set by the Portuguese government.
So, it is your duty to make an IRS declaration every year, pay taxes regularly, and suggest truthful data about the income you receive. As for your rights connected with the taxes, you are free to request tax refunds, and use the services of the local finance offices located in Portugal.
As for the IRS deductible costs, they can vary from year to year and it is up to you to check this data.

Key Steps of Receiving NIF in Portugal

In this section, we are ready to consider how to get a NIF in Portugal. The activities you are to complete will look different depending on whether you are a resident of Portugal or not.
We will start with the first case (when you belong to the category of non-residents). The first thing to take into consideration here is as follows: you have a chance to get NIF even if you are not in Portugal right now. But NIF you are about to obtain will not be permanent at the beginning. Besides, you will have to ask a lawyer or a representative to help you with this. You will become the owner of the constant NIF in several months or when you become a permanent Portuguese resident.
In case you are a resident, you have more options. Here they are:
  • Hiring a lawyer or a representative who will be dealing with your papers and completing all the work for you;
  • Visiting a local tax office near you.
Pay attention that businesses can apply for NIF online! Let’s see what exactly you will have to do before you visit the office (or your representative will do it).
The first and foremost step is getting all papers ready. It is going to be reasonable to begin with your ID. If you have made a decision to collaborate with a lawyer, make sure you have taken care of its scanned copy. In case you do not belong to the citizens of the EU, EEA, or Sweden, you will have to present a passport. For the residents of the EU, EEA, and Sweden an identity card can be an alternative to a passport.
One more document to prepare is proof of residency. This can be done in various ways, and they are enclosing a utility bill, a rental contract, and others (this works for those who currently dwell in Portugal). If you request NIF while living in another country, just send the document to the person who represents you and will do all the necessary work. By the way, the papers have to be signed by an attorney and be in Portuguese too. You’d better use the services of a professional translator to do this. Do not forget that you also have to enclose a bank statement that is not older than three months.
When you have collected the documents (or got them ready if someone will do the rest of the actions for you), it’s time to visit a government office. Just google where the closest one is located and head there. Make sure you have all the papers we have listed with you.
Once the official representatives get all the docs and approve everything, you will receive your NIF. As you see it is not too hard. However, there is a way to make the process even easier and we will tell you about it in one of the further sections of the article.

NIF Number and a Golden Visa Process (Portugal)

This is what you need to keep in mind: to complete the transactions needed for obtaining a Golden Visa, it is necessary to have NIF Portugal too.
It’s not a big deal if you are a non-EU/EEA resident. You have a chance to apply for the program and a NIF too.

Is It a Good Idea to Ask for Help with Receiving NIF?

As we have already stated, the procedure of obtaining NIF is not linked to major hardships. Nevertheless, there is the sense in choosing an easier variant if it exists. So, it is a collaboration with Its experts have relevant experience in such a matter and know how to help you quickly and painlessly.
Well, this is what the procedure will look like in case you decide to work with
  • You follow the website and state basic info about yourself such as first and last name, WhatsApp number, email, and country of birth (the info given in your passport);
  • Then, you promote your residential address (it’s necessary to note the street, city, country, and postal code);
  • Upload a scanned copy of your passport and proof of residence (make sure it is of good quality as long as such a rule is stated by the Portuguese tax authorities; if you provide fine quality, you won’t face any problems with receiving NIF);
  • Pick the plan you are most convenient with. So, the faster you would like to receive your tax ID, the more you will have to pay. For instance, submitting your documents in ten days will cost you 99 euros while dealing with your request in three days is going to be linked to the total price of 299 euros.
If you want to receive the Portugal NIF number within a period of three to five days, you will also have to pay an urgency fee. And, if you do not get NIF within the time stated in the plan, this fee will be paid back to you.
This is it! All you have to do is relax and patiently wait till you get the final result which is obtaining your NIF without any further obstacles to face.

FAQs Connected with Obtaining NIF

  • What if I have no idea what lawyer or representative will be able to help me with receiving NIF in a proper way?
We believe that such a situation can take place. Not everyone has connections in Portugal. Well, in this case, we would advise you to collaborate with It is a guarantee of reliability and fast completion of the services. And, the price is quite fine too!
  • What happens if I decide not to receive NIF in Portugal?
Well, no one can force you to do this as soon as possible. However, there are quite a few situations when you will have to suggest your NIF. And, if you don’t have it, you will face some major difficulties. That is why you’d better receive NIF if you plan to live and work in Portugal.
  • What about the tax representative? Should he or she have a certain relationship with me?
No, there is no such rule. The Portuguese government does not state any strict requirements speaking of who can be your tax representative. The only task this representative has to deal with is notifying you about the correspondence from the government in connection with your NIF. This is it.
  • What if the passport or a visa cannot be provided in order to receive NIF?
A birth certificate will be fine in this case.
We hope that we managed to suggest helpful info to you, and you will use it wisely soon! But you’d better not neglect using professional help though!